Some Of The Foods With Funny Names In Great Britain


Great Britain offers a variety of meals with influences of various cultures from different parts of the world. For you to have a true British experience, you shouldn’t miss mouthwatering dishes that can only be found in Britain. Well, in this blog I will give you Britain foods with distinct yet funny names and these are the following:

  •  Spotted dick – This food is characterized by its sweet rich custard combined with dried fruits like currants and raisins and steamed to cook.
  • Black Pudding - This dish is very famous in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is actually a meat sausage made with fat and blood. (This one is truly delicious!)
  • Laverbread - If you think that this is bread, well then think again. It is actually a form of seaweed harvested in the west coast of the British Isle. It is served during breakfast and is mixed with oatmeal and other breakfast dishes for a healthier dish.

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