Airport Schiphol and Parking


Because of tourism this is an International airport with over 100 airlines based as the gateway to Europe. This airport has made Amsterdam a very cheap and easy destination to reach for most travelers as one can book a flight at the last minute because of the number of airlines that operate from this airport. Because there are so many flights, parking can become a mess – so perhaps this will help you with that problem.

Check Online

It is possible to check availability of parking spaces in advance by going online to Smart Parking. Here you will input travel or arrival dates will show passengers, and what parking options are available to them on the day.

Visitors’ Parking

For those passengers who are being collected or dropped off there is Visitors’ parking that charges by the 30 minute interval for the first 3 hours. This can be used for those wishing to go shopping at the Schiphol Plaza also.

Long and Short Term Parking

Long term and short term parking can also be very cheap when parking in the Smart Parking zone, which allows you to reserve from a 3 day parking period onwards. This is where passengers can park for 8, 15 or even 22 days for just 5 EUR per day. And passengers who make early reservations are able to save more. A booking made six weeks in advance of arrival may bring the cost down to EUR 4.32 per day. A surveillance camera for 24 hours and additional security guard protection makes sure that vandalism and theft are kept well away from this parking area.

Valet Service

The airport parking also includes a valet service. No need to hunt for parking. Also stop by the airport website to get further information on other matters at the airport.

Happy Travels!

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