Great Britain: What Should You Know More Than The Name?

great_britainGreat Britain is the name given to the two kingdoms of England and Scotland as well as the principality of Wales. It comprises the primary territory of the United Kingdom. The Great Britain includes England, Wales, and Scotland. It is subdivided into counties.

 Is Great Britain and UK the same?

A lot of people think that the United Kingdom and Great Britain are the same, but they pertain to different areas. The United Kingdom includes the Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The latter is a political term describing the combination of Wales, Scotland, and England. It is also used to refer to the island in which the greater parts of Scotland, Wales, and England can be found.

Does Great Britain and Britain mean the same thing?

The two don’t mean the same thing. The former is made up of England, Wales, and Scotland whereas the latter only includes Wales and England. Britain goes back to the times of Roman when the Wales and England are called Britannia. The term Britain is made popular by the Romans when they arrived to the British Islands. On the other hand, the term Great Britain was used during the reign of King James I. it pertains to the separate kingdoms of Scotland and England. They are both ruled by monarchs, but each has its own parliament.

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