The Growing Tourism Industry Of Great Britain


The tourism industry of Great Britain continues to boom as more and more residents from the United Kingdom and North America continues to visit it on a regular basis. Great Britain is big and is composed of the islands of England, Scotland, and Wales. If you love going to the malls, dining out, or want to experience the rich culture of Great Britain, then you should visit Liverpool, London, and Edinburgh. Some of the most preferred places in Great Britain are the following:

  • London

This city is known as the capital of England. From there, you will see various historical landmarks such as the Kensington Palace, Towers Of London, and the Houses of the Parliament. If you love to shop, then you should visit Harrods. It is known for its single service sale and a truly amazing food court.

  • The Cotswolds

This is situated in the western part of London and it houses the oldest English speaking college; the Oxford. You will also find the Christ Church Cathedral and the Carfax Tower. It also houses top notch restaurants, shops, and entertaining spots at night.

  • The Lake District

This can be found in England’s northwest side. This place is known as the home of poets and writers. It is called the Lake District because you can literally find dozens of lake here.

  • Scotland

It is the third biggest state in Great Britain. The most populated cities in Scotland are Edinburgh and Glasgow. Take the whisky trail to experience the finest whiskey in the world.

  • Wales

This has its own language, but is very rich in literature and arts. You will find castles, historic places, and coastlines in Wales.

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