Keep In Mind The Following General Information When Travelling To Great Britain

traveling britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or most popularly known as Great Britain or Britain is a constitutional monarchy, which is comprised of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. Great Britain is ranked number four in the most populous country in the entire Europe.

About 77% of its inhabitants are from the English descent, 4.5% is from Welsh, 8% Scottish, and about 3% from Irish. If you look at the population of Great Britain, you will notice that it has increasing ethnic diversity, especially during 1970s when people from different parts of the world started to migrate. These people are from Pakistan, India, China, Africa, and even the West Indies.

Looking at the type of government in Great Britain

The Great Britain has a constitutional monarchy government. Its constitution is not documented, but is known to be centuries old accumulation of usage, tradition, judicial decisions, and statutes. The hereditary monarch should belong to the Church of England in accordance with the Act of Settlement of 1701, but is limited to exercising ceremonial functions being the head of the state.

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