Witness The 2014 FIFA World Cup In London

fifa14The 2014 FIFA World Cup is just a few days away and football enthusiasts are reaching for the best pitch. About 26 billion football fans are expected to participate in the said event. Prior to the actual world cup, there are various selections made and it has boiled down to a total of 32 competing teams. However, football fans must be aware that seats are very limited. If you haven’t scored tickets to the matches, then don’t worry because are other hot venues that will enable you to watch World Cup matches.

  • The big screen in Brighton

The big screen in Brighton will show you the highlights of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The opening ceremony will take place in Sao Paulo and the first match is Brazil versus Croatia.

  • Edinburgh, Boteco Do Brasil

You can watch football matches in the big screen while enjoying the great Samba music.

  • The Isle of Wight Festival

You can watch the game in action from June 12 to June 15 for only £190.

  • Leeds

Millennium Square-Leeds will set up a huge screen in the Millennium Square for the rest of the football tournament. The admission is free, but you need to know that space is very limited.

  • Liverpool

Some clubs and restaurants in Liverpool will feature the 2014 FIFA World Cup from July 12 to July 13. While watching the game in the big screen, you will also enjoy great music, cocktails, and traditional Brazilian street cuisine.

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