Some Of The Foods With Funny Names In Great Britain


Great Britain offers a variety of meals with influences of various cultures from different parts of the world. For you to have a true British experience, you shouldn’t miss mouthwatering dishes that can only be found in Britain. Well, in this blog I will give you Britain foods with distinct yet funny names and these are the following:

  •  Spotted dick – This food is characterized by its sweet rich custard combined with dried fruits like currants and raisins and steamed to cook.
  • Black Pudding - This dish is very famous in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is actually a meat sausage made with fat and blood. (This one is truly delicious!)
  • Laverbread - If you think that this is bread, well then think again. It is actually a form of seaweed harvested in the west coast of the British Isle. It is served during breakfast and is mixed with oatmeal and other breakfast dishes for a healthier dish.

How To Have A Wonderful Summer In Great Britain

summerOne of the best times to visit Britain is during summer when it is basking in sunshine. The 2014 summer of Great Britain will be the hottest summer on record. So, when enjoying the sunshine in Great Britain, here is my piece of advice: always bring cap, umbrella, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Where to spend you summer in Great Britain?

  • Visit village fête

The village fête is organized by volunteers and is held outdoors on village greens. The primary purpose of this village is to raise funds for churches, local schools, and other charities. There are also other attractions to see in the village such as coconut shies, bouncy castles, and many more. A village fête isn’t complete without the participation of some of the famous celebrities in Great Britain.

  • Watch live sport

It is a World Cup Year and so it is the perfect time to watch live sports like the favorite football game. If you are a football fanatic, then take the opportunity and watch live sports.

  • Spend a day at the seaside

Why not enjoy the heat of the sun along the seaside? There are so many things to enjoy in the seaside such as the fish and chips, 99Flake ice creams, bucket and spades, donkey rides, Punch and Judy puppet shows, and many more.